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Dr. Michael D’Arienzo, Sr. 


Dr D'Arienzo Sr

Dr. Michael D’Arienzo Sr. has been living and practicing Chiropractic in his home/office for over 40 years.

His education prior to receiving his Chiropractic degree from Columbia Institute of Chiropractic in 1976 was based on a solid Jesuit education, having graduated with high honors both from St. Peters Prep and St. Peters College in Jersey City, NJ.  

The Jesuit order of priests encouraged excellence in everything you do in life and that discipline followed and continues to follow him in his chiropractic career. He has logged many hundreds of hours of post-graduation education in technique and physical rehabilitation so that his patients can be assured of receiving the best care possible.

Dr. D’Arienzo himself was a long-time sufferer of low back pain since the age of 22.

He went on a quest to solve his low back problem without surgically disrupting the spine. His pursuit led him to becoming a Chiropractor and eventually to the discovery of the most effective non-surgical treatment of low back pain.

 12 years ago, a quantitative leap was reached in the treatment of his own low back pain when he was led to the latest form of spinal decompression… 3-dimensional decompression. The Extentrac Elite M3D has allowed both himself and hundreds of his patients to live pain free. The treatment is available exclusively at his office.  There are fewer than 12 of these $160,000 instrument/ tables in the United States. This office provides the only Extentrac in New Jersey.

It is often said that it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill.  Dr. D’Arienzo’s time in practice has certainly qualified him as a master many times over. His many patients will testify to the wonderful care they receive by his very capable and experienced hands.

Dr. Michael D’Arienzo, Jr. 

Dr D'Arienzo Jr

Dr. Michael D’Arienzo, Jr. has been in practice for just over 20 years. As the son of a chiropractor he has learned the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through nutrition, exercise and chiropractic adjustments. During his childhood he witnessed the dramatic results of the chiropractic adjustment by his father on many patients that came to the home office. It was this experience that led Dr. D’Arienzo, Jr. to follow in his father’s footsteps.

He received his chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College in 1999. He then completed his training in sports chiropractic in 2008 and received the degree of CCSP (Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician). Dr D’Arienzo Jr. has helped many patients recover from sports injuries in football, hockey, running and golf to name a few. He keeps current on the latest research and technology through continuing education instruction. He also sets a great example for his patients through his daily exercise routine and dedication to running, having competed in many road races and marathons.

Dr. D’Arienzo Jr. is an active member of the ANJC (Association of New Jersey Chiropractors). He has extensive training in extremity adjusting, rehabilitation and sports recovery. He has a caring and calm demeanor and always listens to the needs of his patients. 


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